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Niche Marketing Tactics

The most successful niche marketing tactics involve finding long-tail keywords with the least competition and most searches. This is the easiest way to get organic search engine rankings and traffic, when coupled with appropriate content.

If you have been in Internet Marketing for any amount of time, you have no doubt heard about niches. Niches can be a profitable method of marketing products online. However, in order to make niche marketing work for you, you have got to find the right keywords for your products, services and websites.

To perform good keyword research, you need to use your brain. While keyword research tools like Micro Niche Finder (MNF) can greatly assist with the workload, there really is no substitute for thinking.

Put yourself in the position of your potential customers. Ask yourself what someone would type into a search engine like Google, if they were looking for what you sell. Come up with as many words or phrases as you can. The best keywords to aim for when you are starting out are phrases of three or more words, called long-tailed keywords.

Long-tailed keywords bring in the most targeted traffic, since they are very specific. For most campaigns, you should start out with a list of at least 10 long-tailed keywords. However, do not become a slave to this number. If you can only initially find 8 keywords and you are convinced that the niche is worth pursuing, then go ahead and do it! If you get the 8 keywords right, the contents of your website logs will soon suggest other keywords to target.

The next step in conducting good niche keyword research is to determine if the keywords are profitable and how much competition there is for those words. If you are using a keyword tool like Micro Niche Finder, then this stage is easy - just enter your keyword and click the search button. The interface of the search results page in MNF gives you ready access to all the information you require.

If you find yourself needing to carry out the research manually for some reason, here is the procedure. Type your keywords into a search engine, preferably Google. Put quotation marks around the words, for example: "keyword tool". If the number of results you get returned is less than 30,000 and if there are paid advertisements on the search engine results page (SERP), then the keywords are probably good ones to use.

Too many results and the words have too much competition. If there are no paid advertisements, the words are probably not profitable. The only real exception to this rule about paid advertising would be in the case of a brand new niche market that is in the process of launching.

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