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Micro Niche Finder Review by Gary Harvey

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Brad Callen's Niche Finder Software

Regular visitors know that we are big fans of the Micro Niche Finder keyword research tool, but we thought our audience would also appreciate hearing what other experienced online marketers had to say about MNF. Gary Harvey is a well known Australian marketer who has been helping people make money online since 2001. He went full time in 2003 and he has made it his goal to help others achieve the same work from home lifestyle he now enjoys. In this article he shares his thoughts about one of our favorite niche finding tools.

Is The MicroNicheFinder Keyword Research Tool Worth Getting?

If you're looking for a time-saving keyword research tool, you'll want to consider Micro Niche Finder. Let me tell you how we use it.


Last night my wife and I had an idea for a hopefully-profitable niche. Just one word. So we fed that word into MicroNicheFinder and within about a minute it had found 218 results which is fairly typical. The "long tail" results were 2 words to 6 words in length.

Next I used its Strength of Competition tool (SOC for short) to check out the viability of each of these key phrases. That can be done one keyword at a time or in bulk so I chose the bulk option. I'd use the single search if only a few of the results looked to be worth pursuing.

Well, a few minutes later, I had the SOC info for them all the keyphrases. As it turned out, there were 197 terms that scored 1-10 on the SOC. Low numbers are good numbers. It means there is a low volume of competition. MicroNicheFinder gives them a green light for easy viewing.


If had to do this keyword research manually, it would have been so boring that I just would not have done it. Besides, I am not sure how I'd go about calculating the Strength of Competition. So actually this keyword research tool not only saves me time, it does things I would not otherwise be able to do. Nice.

Okay, back to the story of how I use MNF.

The next thing I do with MicroNicheFinder is to select all the results (that's one click) and then manually de-select the handful of keyphrases that are overly competitive because I wont be pursuing them any further. These highly competitive keywords (with high SOC scores) are indicated by red or yellow buttons. That makes them easy to find.

Having now selected the keyphrases I want to further investigate, I press the button and MicroNicheFinder goes to work to get the search numbers on all these 197 keyphrases.

Once that's done, I de-select the keyphrases that have too few searches because it's not worth making webpages for them.

Then I can run MNF again to get the search count for Broad Match Count. Or Exact Phrase Count, or both.

Armed with all that information on one screen, I am then in a position to decide which keyphrases I will create sites for.


My plan is to:

  1. Create a Squidoo lens for the very top keyphrases
  2. Make a page at for them
  3. I might also set up a page at
  4. These new sites (all of them are free, by the way) can be monetized with related products from ClickBank.
  5. And/or I can add a page to one of my existing websites or blogs. This can generate AdSense dollars too, as well as ClickBank commissions on the related products.


If what I've explained above makes sense to you and fits in with your business model, then yes, MicroNicheFinder is one of my favorite tools and it's highly likely to become one of yours too.

In the unexpected event that it doesn't work out for you, you can always get a refund. However I can't recall anybody who has bought MNF on my recommendation who has asked for a refund. It's very well priced too, at about half the price of what I would regard as comparative tools.


While writing this article, I checked for updates and found that a new version of MicroNicheFinder has just been released. That's one more thing I like about it. This powerful keyword research tool is continuing to be improved.

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Article by Gary Harvey of the Internet's BIGGEST LIST of ways to find hot niches, best selling products and hot markets.

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