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Keep Visitors on Your Website: Five Ways to Get Repeat Traffic

When you go to the trouble of optimizing your website to get plenty of traffic from search engines, it stands to reason that you would want to get the most out of that traffic, right? One way to do this is to turn first time visitors into repeat visitors. By getting new visitors to revisit your website regularly, you greatly improve your chance of increasing your website's revenue.

If you sell physical products for example, having one visitor come back time and time again for additional purchases increases the amount of money you make from that one visitor. Even if you earn income by displaying advertisements on your website instead, by having visitors come back for repeat visits, you increase the number of overall ads displayed. All other things being equal, this should lead to more advertising income being earned.

Getting repeat website visitors is not nearly as difficult as getting them the first time around, and here are five tips to help you achieve just that:

1. Add new content to your website regularly. Regardless of the type of website you are running, leaving it unchanged for too long will discourage people from visiting regularly. They want to see new content, fresh coupons, new products and so on and as long as you are providing something new or different each time, they will continue to revisit regularly.

2. Offer something extra or unique. Even straight content websites which run advertisements can sometimes have exclusive advertising offers. They can also have unique content which isn't available anywhere else online. Affiliate based websites can offer extra bonuses or tools that are not available anywhere else as well. Having additional value or exclusive offers ensures people have to come to your website for those specials.

3. Provide subscriber only specials. Start a newsletter or regular coupon mailing, and make those offers available to subscribers only. Then each time you send out a notice or special offer, those readers will revisit your website to take advantage of whatever discount or special you alerted them about.

4. Provide loyalty or VIP only offers. Loyalty offers can be in the form of a special coupon or discount and offered to people who have been subscribed to your mailing list for a given amount of time. These can also be used for people who have come back to visit your website a specific number of times.

VIP bonuses and specials are excellent to use for customers only. Anytime someone makes a purchase from you - no matter how small the purchase may be - add them to a private VIP mailing list. Then send exclusive specials to that list - and only that list - regularly.

5. Add a "bookmark this page" and/or "send to a friend" link on each page of your website. When visitors come the first time and see something they like, they may bookmark the page to visit again later. Likewise they may recommend the page to a friend if it has information or products their friend has been looking for. Adding this functionality to a website can very easily be achieved using third-party services such as AddThis, ShareThis or AddToAny.

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