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Micro Niche Finder FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Find the hottest niches with Micro Niche Finder

Q: Will Micro Niche Finder run on an Apple Macintosh?

Micro Niche Finder is a PC compatible program, running natively under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It will only run on an Apple Mac if you have some form of PC emulation software such as Parallels or VMware installed, together with one of the Windows operating systems listed above.

Q: Can I purchase Micro Niche Finder on CD or DVD?

No, currently Micro Niche Finder is not available on optical media. However, all Micro Niche Finder purchases include a copy of the software on a USB flash drive. This is referred to as Micro Niche Finder To Go.

Micro Niche Finder To Go USB Drive

Q: Can I update my Micro Niche Finder To Go USB Drive when a new version is released?

Yes, first insert the MNF To Go USB drive into a USB port on your computer. Then start Micro Niche Finder and select "Downloads" from the "Quick Links" menu on the right of the MNF display. This will open the download page. Locate the "Download Micro Niche Finder" button and right click it, then select either "Save Target As..." (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As..." (Firefox) and save the file to the USB drive.

Q: What does SOC stand for?

SOC stands for Strength of Competition.

Q: What do the SOC colors mean?

The traffic light system for SOC was introduced to make things easier to understand and to provide an at a glance indicator. The Strength of Competition rating employs a three color system.

Green means the competition is very low.
Yellow means the competition is moderate.
Red means the competition is high.

Micro Niche Finder uses the following rating bands to decide which color to show:
SOC 50 or less: Green
SOC 51 to 299: Yellow
SOC 300 to 1000: Red

Q: I have no idea what to search for, where can I get niche ideas?

Many of the articles on this Web site are intended to help with locating a niche to work in. There is also the brainstorm feature built into the Micro Niche Finder software itself.

If you look at the top left of the MNF display you will see a button labelled "Brainstorm" or you can press Alt+B. The application will then return a list of 25 keywords which are currently being searched. You can repeat this process as many times as required.

Q: How Do I Reinstall Micro Niche Finder?

If your computer crashes, or you have to reinstall the software for any other reason, simply visit this link and enter your receipt number. You may need to reset your license to permit use on a different computer.

Q: How Do I Update Micro Niche Finder?

Functionality to automatically check for updates is built into Micro Niche Finder. The video below demonstrates the process.

Micro Niche Finder - Free Lifetime Updates, Free PDF Bonuses, Free Training Videos, Free Lifetime Support

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