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Niche Marketing: Finding Your Target Audience

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Niche marketing would not exist if it were not for loyal target audiences. Of course, you may not realize it but you are probably part of a niche marketing target audience. Think about your interests. What do you like to do? Where do you work? How old are you? What is your nationality? How much money do you make? All of these things are used when determining target audiences for a particular niche.

The reason why small things like this are taken into consideration when determining the qualities of a target audience is because these are all things that, whether you realize it or not, affect the decisions you make as a consumer. What you like to do may determine whether or not you would be interested in basketball shoes, golf equipment, yarn, or drawing pencils. Where you work may determine what your needs are as far as fashion goes. How old you are may help to determine what kind of music you listen to, what kind of clothes and even what kind of shoes you wear. Your nationality can determine a great deal of things, especially the music you listen to and the food you eat. How much money you make affects practically every purchasing decision you make; this includes hefty financial decisions, like whether or not you are able to purchase a home or what make and model of vehicle you might be interested in.

Niche marketing is effective because it attempts to understand what is going on in the mind of the consumer. It uses their backgrounds, their interests, to try and put the business in a position where the consumer will not only notice them, but learn about them and utilize them in the future, to fulfil their needs. Whatever it is, niche marketing can help target the people who will be most interested in the product. This is one of the main advantages of niche marketing. Does it make any sense to waste time and money to advertise for orthopedic shoes on MTV? Does it make any sense to put up billboards for $3,000 game consoles in a neighborhood that does not contain any children? These are examples of bad niche marketing, targeting audiences that are not at all interested in the product that is being offered. Not only is it a waste of time and money, but the fact that it yields little in the way of results is discouraging and can definitely lower morale. It is a frustrating thing indeed to spend money on advertising that is not working.

It is important to be smart and careful when investigating your target audience. Make sure that you are targeting the correct audience. Just because you are advertising to a certain group of people, does not automatically mean that they are the target audience which is going to earn you the revenue you need to be successful in your business endeavor. One needs to be aware of the target audience and cater to their wants and needs. This will make more of a difference in your business than you may think!

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