Brad Callen's Niche Finder

"The Simplest Keyword Research Tool Available!"

By design, Brad Callen's Niche Finder lacks most of the bells and whistles found in competing products, such as Micro Niche Finder and Market Samurai. Feeling that the vital keyword research process was becoming too overwhelming for many Internet Marketers, Brad decided to get back to basics.

Niche Finder is designed to answer just two questions:

1. Which keywords can I easily rank for in the search engines?

2. Which keywords are going to send me buyer traffic?

Similar to the SOC feature of its older competitor Micro Niche Finder, Niche Finder includes a traffic light system to indicate keyword difficulty. Green shows low competition, Yellow indicates moderate competition, and Red means that keyword is probably best avoided. Brad Callen has brought his considerable online marketing experience to bear in creating the proprietary algorithm powering this difficulty ranking system.

The level of competition at which the Niche Finder software classifies a keyword as Green, Yellow, or Red can be configured by the user. Brad demonstrates how easy it is to change the values in the instructional video below.

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If you are looking for a basic keyword tool, without any additional complicated analysis or research functionality, then Brad Callen's Niche Finder is the product for you.

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