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"Having Trouble Finding YOUR Niche, or Just Frustrated with Your Keyword Research Results? Then Let the Micro Niche Finder Experts Do All the Hard Work for You!"

From the team which brought you Micro Niche Finder...

An exclusive time-saving service offering 20 high demand, low competition niche markets each and every month sent directly to your inbox, helping you to build your Internet business.

Here are Some of the Benefits You'll Receive...
  • 20 High Demand, Low Competition Niches with High Paying Affiliate Offers
  • At Least 3 PLR Articles Carefully Optimized for Each Niche
  • 50 or More Long Tail Keywords with at Least 100 Daily Searches, Letting You Dominate with Ease
  • Estimates of Pay Per Click Bids Allowing You to Laser Target Your Campaigns for Maximum Profitability
  • Links to Proven High Conversion, High Profit Affiliate Programs

As any experienced niche marketer will tell you, when it comes to effectively competing online mastering keyword research is an absolute must. If you're not equipped with the correct knowledge to attack your niche, then you're preparing to fail.

But wait...

What if you were given the EXACT information required to dominate niche after niche?

And what if you actually used this valuable market intelligence, rather than letting it gather digital dust languishing on your hard drive?

After a surprisingly short period of time really promoting these keywords, you will almost certainly discover that affiliate sales will start rolling in. You'll finally see that making money online is not only possible, but enjoyable!

If you continue to apply the knowledge The Niche Informant gives to you, then new horizons will open up. If you reinvest the proceeds from your first few niches, then you'll be able to outsource the promotion process and that dream of being able to leave the dreaded J-O-B behind will become reality.

Still Not Convinced? Then Read On...

Here are some comments from previous customers of The Niche Informant:

Then I opened the package and found the articles - they are FANTASTIC!!! They are written in English by someone that speaks English. How refreshing it is to actually receive a pre-written article that is intelligent and grammatically correct.

Karina C.

You've taken care of at least 80% of the hard work for me. This is such a time saver!

Dave W.

This will come in handy for anyone, especially newbies to affiliate marketing. This info has already saved me a ton of time and it's gonna save me hours upon hours in the long run.

Lloyd B.

I'm so glad I bought this program. With all the affiliate links, PLR articles, long-tail keywords, and competitor analysis that you give, it's hard to believe anyone could fail using this information... in fact I think the only way someone could fail is if they just ignored this completely!

Al H.

These days I barely do any keyword research. I just plop the info you give into a website, and BAM! I'm making money! It simply couldn't get any easier!


Wondering How Much All This is Going to Cost?

At this point you're probably thinking this amazing service is going to cost a fortune. After all, it gives you most of the essential elements required to build an Internet business. For example, website building can easily be outsourced, but accurate niche research is much, much harder to get your hands on.

$197? Not Even Close... $97? Guess Again... $47? Nope...

Click the button below to be pleasantly surprised by a very special introductory offer.

Just $4.95 for the first month! Each month after that is only $29.99.

P.S. Don't forget that you can try The Niche Informant for a full 8 weeks with a no-risk, 100% money back guarantee! See for yourself how much you can achieve. You are completely protected by an iron clad 100% money back guarantee.

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